Anonymous: So wait I wonder if we met her on GMW, or could it have even been on BMW?

they’re pretty sneaky… it definitely (even more likely) that it could’ve been on BMW!!

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Anonymous: is there anywhere i can watch girl meets world online because i've missed some episodes and :(

in my season 1 tag i have a link to watch the episodes! i haven’t updated it recently, so i’ll get to that now :)

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So the writers answered me THREE times tonight. They’re currently answering fans on Twitter so if you want to ask a question or comment on something do it now while they’re online. Anyway, the reason I’m posting these is bc I wanted to find out about Farkle’s mom. This is what they gave me. Turns out we’ve already met Mrs. Minkus before. But, who could it be?

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this was posted on rowan’s twitter and then quickly deleted lol looks like ben is up to something…

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[September 1 to Setember 7]

Shawn Patrick Hunter is my favorite character on Boy Meets World and I hardly ever see enough love on my dash for him. So I thought I’d dedicate a week to him!

  • Day one: Favorite scene
  • Day two: Favorite season
  • Day three: Favorite relationship/friendship
  • Day four: Most heartbreaking moments
  • Day five: Favorite outfits
  • Day six: Most satisfying moments
  • Day seven: Favorite storyline
The offical tag is ‘shunteraw’ Have fun!
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